Buying Granite Slabs in Toronto

Buying Granite Slabs in Toronto

Buying granite slabs in Toronto adds longevity to your home. Our lives are intertwined with natural stone. We skip stones into the lake; we pick up pretty pebbles on the beach. The Bible uses stones as metaphors: the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone. Fairy tales feature stones as plot devices. In Jewish tradition, mourners leave stones on the grave, signifying the permanence of memory. Song lyrics borrow the images:  "like a rock”, "written on stone”, "turn to stone” and even "heart of stone”. Stone has come to symbolize permanence, strength, endurance and the eternal.
In addition, natural stone has an association with art and architecture through the ages, such as with Michelangelo’s David, the Great Sphinx, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Washington Monument. When we think of marble or granite, we can’t help but bring images and associations with us.
Perhaps that’s why, when we choose material for countertops in our homes, natural stone stands out as the best choice. Once only the very wealthy could afford to install granite or marble accents in their homes. Fortunately, advances in the technology for extracting and finishing stone in recent years have meant that luxurious natural stone is now accessible and affordable.

Adding Value to Your Home

Many sources will tell you that buying granite slabs in Toronto and installing a granite or marble slab countertop will bring you good returns on your investment. Surveys show that a natural stone kitchen countertop is one of the most desirable elements for home seekers and that the presence of a stone countertop can boost the selling price of a home far beyond what the countertop actually cost.
But there are other kinds of value that a stone countertop adds to your home. For example:
  • The value of aesthetic beauty. Each natural stone slab countertop is unique. It comes from a particular part of the world where specific minerals came together to give it its colour, accents, pattern and highlights. A stone slab, polished and placed as the centrepiece of your kitchen, is nature’s work of art. Advertising will tell you that synthetics look just like the real thing – but see for yourself. Natural stone absorbs and reflects the light, giving it depth and warmth and a shimmer that no manmade product could ever match.
  • The value of durability. You will never have to replace your stone countertop. It will withstand heat, spills and more. With rudimentary care, that countertop will last longer than the house itself. Stone endures. Stone is forever.
  • The value of safety. Natural stone doesn’t off-gas chemicals. It’s easy to keep clean and has anti-bacterial properties.

Sourcing Natural Stone

There are many types of outlets that supply stone slabs, but be sure to visit the showroom of a company that specializes in providing stone slabs. The representatives of these fine stone suppliers will be able to tell you where your stone came from and answer questions about installation, cost, edging, finishing and more.
Get the value of buying granite slabs in Toronto mad of natural stone for your home. Visit a Toronto stone distributor today!